5 Ways to Hurricane-Proof Your Home

5 Ways to Hurricane-Proof Your Home

Hurricane season begins May 15 and ends November 30th for the Eastern Pacific. And for the Atlantic coast, hurricane season starts June 1 and also ends on November 30th. It’s a large window of time to worry whether your home will be able to withstand the force of a hurricane. Before the season ramps up again, it’s more important than ever for coastal homeowners to prepare their homes for gale-force winds, tropical storms, and probable flooding. Especially if you live in hurricane-prone states such as Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Texas, and Louisiana, now is no better time than any to hurricane-proof your home.

5 Tips to Prepare Your Home From Disasters

1. Metal Roof

You’re going to need a hurricane-proof roof if you live in a hurricane zone. If not, your home may not survive the next big storm. Constant exposure to wind, rain and other outside forces, causes a home’s roof to become one of the most vulnerable points of the house. Your roof is sure to take a beating, regardless of how well it’s built if it’s in an environment prone to tropical storms and hurricanes.

2. Impact Windows

If you’re in a hurricane zone, you probably know the words “impact glass” quite a lot. In a hurricane zone, this type of glass is a must for many homeowners. Impact windows are made of impact-resistant glass that is securely installed into the window frame. The specialized glass keeps rain, hail, winds, and flying objects from shattering your windows. Impact windows also offer another layer of protection to keep potential burglars out as well. Before a storm, it is also recommended to board up all windows and doors with wood.

3. Yard Debris

Make sure to prune trees, carefully removing dead branches, loose yard waste and stumps well before the hurricane arrives. Also, remove or secure any patio furniture and all other loose items that can get blown around outside.

4. Garage Door

Garage doors are a vulnerable spot for hurricane winds. It’s important that the garage door is secure because if the door gives way, hurricane-force winds can enter the house and it causes the roof to blow off of the home. To avoid this from happening, brace the garage door withstand these forces or install a special garage door specifically for this.

5. Insurance Coverage

Home insurance policies vary from state to state. You should call your insurance agent or broker well in advance of a storm to find out the details of your coverage. Sometimes, standard homeowners insurance may or may not cover wind damage, depending on where you live. You may need to purchase a separate wind policy, and homeowners insurance does not cover flooding. In order to protect your home from flooding related to hurricanes, you must buy separate, government-backed insurance.

These are but a few ways to hurricane-proof your home. When a storm is coming, the main thing to know is to act fast, take all precautions, and always make sure the safety of yourself and family come first!

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