When an unexpected storm hits, the fear of safety and property damage escalates. But, getting a quick solution from professionals ensures the majority is recovered and the level of anxiety is minimized. With the perfect team like Florida Dry available around the clock, you can relax when it comes a devastating situation. We possess specialized skills necessary in delivering efficient services and have helped hundreds of clients recover from adverse effects of storm havoc.

Post hurricane mitigation

It starts with a single call

Our open availability makes us simple for customers to contact no matter what time of day or night. Our direct help line number is always operational and with our quick response time, we will send a reliable team of experts down to your property as soon as we can!

Advanced equipment

Getting the job handled faster and more efficient means using advanced technology. We use a series of advanced tools including special equipment for water extraction. Removing unnecessary water from the affected structure is the first step we will take and will then start the drying process.

Nothing but the best

Every time you seek the services of Florida Dry, we go above and beyond. We hone various techniques and mechanisms that will ensure efficient delivery of service. With years of customer satisfaction rates, you cannot expect disappointment when you hire us.

Wind damage restoration

Restoring damaged homes affected by strong winds can be a major hurdle if you don’t find the right experts. With the right team, a dreadful process like this can turn out successful in an easier way. With Florida Dry, we understand everything it takes to ensure perfect delivery of restoring wind damage. With over 15 years of experience, our experts have undergone rigorous training in wind restoration for residential and commercial properties.

Faster response to emergencies
When heavy winds strike, nothing matters more than a speedy response to salvage as much items as possible. As a team that has managed multiple restoration projects due to wind storms, we understand that giving your property the quick attention it needs lessens the damage, reduces further damage in the future and most importantly cuts down the total cost of repairs. As soon as you let us know what you’re dealing with, we will send down a team of professional wind damage experts to consult and facilitate the restoration process.

Enough resources to handle disasters
At Florida Dry, we take on any projects big or small and anything in between. Our experts are highly trained to handle all situations related to wind damage and in addition, we have enough resources to take in any wind damage restoration no matter the situation.

At your service
Your location shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to accessing our dependable services. We travel far and wide to go above and beyond for our clients. Our lines are open 24/7 for inquiries and free quotes to relieve you of any pressure you probably already have.