Roof Maintenance Checklist for the Fall

Roof Maintenance Checklist for the Fall

Finally, the fall season is here! And the leaves are taking the limelight as they stun with gorgeous colors. But once they drop on your roof, they start to become a nuisance.

Prepare Your Roof This Fall For Winter

Don’t let the leaves bother you during this season when they’re supposed to give a refreshing seasonal vibe. Maintaining your roof is essential to keep you and your home safe from the cold winter weather. So while the season is perfect, climb up and prepare for your biannual trip to your roof and make sure it is doing its job well. Here’s a roof maintenance checklist for the fall.

1. Attic

Don’t ignore the attic as it can cause several troubles you wouldn’t even have imagined. The presence of mold, algae, or moisture condensation in the attic can start off water leakage in your home.

2. Flashing

Check if your chimney’s flashing, siding, and cap are properly installed and sealed. A damaged flashing may cause roof leakage and get water into your home.

3. Gutters

Leaves and other debris may accumulate into your gutter and cause flooding and additional severe damage that can be expensive to repair. So while you can prevent all the hassle, clean and maintain your gutters.

4. Shingles

Loose, broken, curled, or warped shingle tabs are the signs that you should start doing some repairs. Watch out for these to avoid costly water leakage by checking if your shingles are still in a healthy condition.

The Bottom Line

Your roof’s autumn wellness exam shouldn’t be taken for granted. This season is the most recommended time of the year, so take advantage of the perfect weather before the colder breeze starts to kick in.

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