Make Restoration a Labor of Love

Make Restoration a Labor of Love

Taking on any kind of restoration on a home is a project that comes from the heart. In some cases, there are memories, history, and emotion attached. Whether it’s due to water and weather damage and you need to make immediate repairs, or perhaps you want to make improvements because you want to host family for special occasions… you just want to know that it will be done with the safety of your family and friends in mind.

Tips for Loving Restoration Projects

There are several things Florida Dry recommends that you can do to make restoration a labor of love.

1. Logistics

Depending on the reason for restoration, the home may need to be cleaned and partially or completely gutted before you can begin working on it. Hire a vetted contractor with experience in general remodeling and successful restoration of homes. Ask for samples of past work and then before work begins, check to make sure that all necessary permits have been pulled.

Make sure that not just anyone comes into your home and starts ripping apart your walls or floors, especially if others are still living there in another area or section. Setting up a plan ahead of time will help your family and the contractor work around each other without issue.

2. Dollars and Sense

Restoration and remodeling can be a tricky business. It’s notorious for being over budget, especially if it’s an older home or has long been neglected. You may have to move somewhere else for a few months and pay rent on top of a mortgage while the work is being done. Make sure that you are financially prepared as much as possible ahead of time, which includes having a solid insurance policy and emergency plan.

3. Consider the Future

When you suffer the heartache of water damage or fire damage in your home, the silver lining to all of the stress is that once restoration has begun, you have the chance to start anew. Think forward to the future and consider any upgrades that you would like to see made in your home. Maybe you want to make an addition, remodel the kitchen, or expand the garage? Now is the time for those changes to happen!

When you make restoration a labor of love instead of just another project, you’ll be surprised at how much more rewarding your thoughtful efforts were than you first thought- for your family and yourself.

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