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Many lingering odors are easy to remove, but others are not. When you’re looking for an odor removal in Fort Myers, we’re the company to call. Here at Florida Dry, we focus our attention on you for efficiency.

Hard-to-remove odors are unpleasant and harsh to the nose making you feel uneasy at home. If you recently suffered from fire or water damages, this could be the cause of the issue. Without knowing it, your home could have a nest of mold which is dangerous to the body. Even those who suffered from fire damages can still smell the left-behind scent that came along with the disaster.


Odor Removal Cleanup Service Florida

Odor Removal Made Easier

Is home still home if it smells like a dump site? No matter how gorgeous your visuals are, or how techy your home theater system is, if there’s an odor creeping out into your home’s ambiance, then forget it! Odor is a major turn off, ruins all the good things your home has to offer, and you’re for sure better off to somewhere else.

Leave Odor Removal to the Experts

While many homeowners want to believe or claim that they have eliminated odor by themselves, it is still best if you leave it to professionals who can get the job done right. Do-it-yourself tutorials found online cannot compare to professional techniques and equipment experts use. While you might have some tools available to help control these issues, professional help is beneficial to eliminate them completely.

Why Opt for Professional Odor Removal

Every material inside your home is different. And so each of it has its own unique property that requires only to use a certain type of product. Technicians have access to these several odor removal products capable of penetrating surfaces to neutralize the unpleasant smell thoroughly. Trained experts can use the best product for each material, from carpet to wood and ceramic.

When the surface has been treated, technicians are able to seal the surface to trap what scent does remain. Odor is created by airborne particles that can be sealed away for good.

Be it urine contamination, decomposition, mold, or chemicals, Florida Dry is prepared for the job, no matter the scope.

Here at Florida Dry, we extend our services to the city as we strive to put an end to your problems. Upon contact, we will dispatch a team that specializes in odor removal in Fort Myers!

When our team is in your property, we will investigate the issue, and pinpoint the cause. Utilizing our state-of-the-art tools, we can perform an odor removal like no other. We promise you’ll be amazed yourself since you’ll smell nothing but fresh, clean air.

Many customers have thanked us for the work we’ve done, but we extend this gratitude to our team of experts. Without their knowledge, our business would cease to exist. Because of their skills, they can eliminate odors that are caused by mold, smoke, and fire.

Even though DIY projects are available online, nothing beats a professional care to get the job done right. When you want 100% odor removal in Fort Myers, we can do it for you. After all, conventional products have nothing on the solutions we use to eliminate the bad odor.

Odor Removal Cleanup Florida

Odor removal contributes to preventing airborne contaminant from affecting your family’s health. Not only is the stench terrible to the sensation, but it could be causing you harm! At the first signs of unwanted smells, contact professionals to remove it for you.

We’ve noticed that some consumers have chosen to take care of the issue themselves, but the underlying problems continue to ensue. When you don’t complete eliminate the odor, they can recur again and again. It’s best to address the odors the moment you notice them prevent further damage.

When you want a team for odor removal in Fort Myers, we’re the company to call. Find out more about our services today.

CONTACT FLORIDA DRY EXPERTS TODAY Certified professionals are trained and experienced in dealing with carpet-related odor. We have the detection tools, the specialized agents, the equipment and the experience necessary to deal with odors of all types and kinds.

Common Problems with Odors

There are many ways that bad odors are created. The most common ways are from pets, water damage, sewage backups, and smoke. Everyone loves their pets, but no one loves the odors they leave behind. They can ruin furniture, carpets, and rugs. On the other hand, water damage or a sewage backup can also be the reason for bad smells. If cleanup wasn’t done appropriately, smells could linger. Another common stench that can linger is smoke. If you’ve had family members or employees who smoked in your building, you’ve probably noticed the musty cigarette stench. Conversely, the property might have experienced a fire and needs to be rejuvenated. Whatever the reason for your building’s lingering odor, find out what you should do about it.

What to Do

Thankfully, there are some things you can do as the property owner to salvage what’s inside the property. The job might require an expert crew from Florida Dry to truly knock out the odors, but you should consider what you can do in the meantime. First, set aside any impacted belongings. You can try to wash things like rugs or upholstery. Some people also use cleaning solutions to try and get rid of the visible damage. However, cleaners will only cover up the smell, and not get it out entirely. At the very least, you can use these tactics to cover up bad smells until your Florida Dry crew arrives on the scene.

What Not to Do

There are some things you should avoid doing as well. For example, if you are going to use cleaners, don’t use ammonia products. If the odor is caused by a pet accident, using ammonia based cleaners could lure your pet right back to that spot. Whatever you do, don’t use heat on any fabrics or rugs because heat usually sets in stains and odors. Steam heat should be particularly avoided. If you make sure you don’t do either of these two things, your Florida Dry team should have a simpler time handling your property’s bad stench.

Our Odor Removal Process

The experienced crew members at Florida Dry have a lot of background in fighting odors. That’s why our teams can help you get the results you desire. First, our team will start by estimating the property’s odor removal needs. Once you’ve given the Florida Dry team the go ahead, they will begin using the best treatments to get rid of the odors in your home once and for all. Also, the crew members will clean and sanitize impacted areas. That way everything will be good as new.

Live Odor Free!

Wouldn’t you like to finally get rid of the bad odors in your home or business? If so, then there’s no time like now to call Florida Dry for an estimate!