Mold Remediation

Mold remediation includes addressing and identifying mold issues in a property. This prevents the affected substance and removing moisture sources to restore a healthy home.
Mold Remediation Service Florida
Mold remediation requires mold clean-up and elimination by Florida Dry specialists to address the health risks and damages linked with mold. Simply cleaning with water and bleach will not destroy the source of mold. Instead, moldy materials must be extracted and reconstructed which is why mold remediation is best performed by professionals who are trained to handle hazardous materials.

Mold Remediation for a Healthy Home

Healthy skin requires moisture, but a healthy home doesn’t need much of it. Simply put, mold remediation is sucking up moisture to restore a home back to its baby-healthy state.

How Mold Remediation Comes into the Picture

Be it washing, cooking, air humidifying, condensation, or leaks from plumbing and other types of water damage; mold can invade the comforts of your home and can induce serious dangers to your health.

Mold remediation comes into play by assessing and identifying all the mold issues of your home. When you experience an outbreak, all you want to do is to scrub away the traces of it and spray every wall, hoping it will eradicate the annoying and unwelcome fungi growing in your home.

But as much as you want to DIY, mold remediation requires techniques and professions that only trusted experts could do.

Neglect Now, Reflect Later

This kind of invasion should never be acceptable for homeowners. Ignore the molds, and you also ignore the safety and cleanliness of your home. Later on, you realize why did you ever let outsiders in your home.

Molds can create small spores into the air, but Florida Dry can create a mold remediation plan!
Once they have evaluated your property, they will address you the source of the mold and prevent it from spreading. Afterwards, they will filter and discard any materials that are easily permeable. Drying, restoring, and testing are the final steps, making sure that your home is completely mold-free and worry-free for the whole family.

A Florida Dry contractor will arrive at your property to assess the affected areas as well as identify the source of the issue. After the evaluation, they will create a mold remediation plan.

We will address the origin of mold and its affected area by containing the matter to avoid contaminating the entire home. At Florida Dry, we will prevent mold spores from spreading during the process of removal.

Our filters will be utilized to purify the air and eliminate harmful particles such as mold spores. Florida Dry specialists will also work with masks and goggles to decrease susceptibility to airborne contaminants.

Personal belonging and building materials in your property may be affected because mold is a living organism that deeply implants itself to materials for survival. This is why we advise discarding items that are easily permeable. By removing these materials, you can prevent mold buildup from recurring. For nonporous items, these can be sterilized with sealants and antimicrobial solutions to make them repellent to mold and water. In addition, it’s best to have your air conditioning and heating systems professionally addressed.
Mold Remediation in Florida
It’s important that cleansed and restored materials continue to stay dry. As a note, excessive moisture is how the problem began. When you have mold issues in your property, we will help you eliminate and restore the affected area to ensure the problem doesn’t reappear.

Once the contaminated materials are eliminated, we can begin the restoration process. High-quality materials will replace the contaminated area making it look as good as new.

When the restoration process is finished, we will search for other signs of moldy odors and recurrent water damage to guarantee the cleanup has been eliminated.

For all your mold remediation needs, contact your local, trusted experts who can help! Here at Florida Dry, we’re available to assist any time of the day!