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There is so much more than what people think when it comes to mold infestation. As homeowners, you need to aware of the severe long term effects and the basic knowledge of preventing them. At Florida Dry, we provide you with all the information you might want to know about molds and additionally, we provide extraordinary, exclusive services when it comes to mold prevention. In administering this service, we also like to educate our clients of how molds can affect your home financially and your health.

Mold Testing in Ft Myers

Get the facts right

We have everything it takes to offer you exceptional mold preventing care. Our experts are trustworthy and have multiple years of experience dealing with mold plagues. When our clients approach us with these services, we teach them with the basic facts about molds and the best ways they can fight against these tiny infestations in the future. Molds can thrive almost everywhere provided there is a nearby water source. The microscopic mold spores float in the air we breathe and can simply enter a building through windows, doors, or other small and unnoticeable entrances. When exposed to water, tiny mold colonies can develop into bigger issues, especially when not handled early enough.

Fighting it from the core

At Florida Dry, we know that winning the mold battle goes far beyond physical removal of molds from affected surfaces. Without proper inspection and assessment of the underlying problem, the molds can come back very easily. That is why our experts insist on tackling unnoticed water sources as the key strategy to mold preventing care. Water sources root from the manifestation of molds. When you hire our experts, they will give you clear guidelines on the best methods to handle water sources, so they don’t pose risks of harboring molds. Further more, we will implement these strategies to prevent infestation in areas that might not have been affected before. We also understand the key role played by high humidity rates when it comes to mold sustenance. Keeping indoor humidity below 45 percent makes it less likely for molds to thrive. Alongside other preventive care practices, our team will help you conquer molds the easiest and fastest way.

Mold Removal Fort Myers

Nearly every home or office can be infested by molds provided there is a source of water. Molds tend to spread so fast when they find favorable living conditions. Molds pose severe health risks overtime. As such, doing away with them is a top concern amongst many people. To remove molds from a residence, ideal professional services are necessary. At Florida Dry, we understand the health risks posed by mold infestation. Above that, we know what it takes to remove stubborn molds from surfaces. With over 15 years of experience, you can expect our experts not to let you down when it comes to mold removal. We always give real value for your money by offering ideal results.

The perfect approach

Over the years, several controversies have surrounded mold removal. While some restoration companies promise to wipe out completely from surfaces, our experts understand mold remediation facts. We have developed successful methods necessary in removing mold from both residential homes and offices. As usual, it all starts by making that one simple call and informing us about the mold situation. The response time and the necessary tools are dependent on several factors is crucial to mold removal. We will send down a reliable team to help with mold inspection process. Assessing the level of damage is necessary for defining the right strategies for stepping up the fight against mold.

Stepping up to fight

After inspection, certain considerations have to be made before mold removal. For one, there will be the mold containment process. With our advanced equipment and highly trained experts, we also perform air filtration services as part of the process. All these are done in coordination and succession before the eventual mold removal process. We are careful not to miss any detail in every step during mold removal because the consequences are costly. Our experts make it easier for anyone to combat mold infestation through organized mold removal program. Simply get in touch with us, and we will get the job done!