Fall Homeowner Checklist to Prevent Storm Damage

Fall Homeowner Checklist to Prevent Storm Damage

As Fall storms start to pick up, it’s important to protect your home from storm damage that can lead to severe damage like water damage, mold, and structural damage from falling debris. Down here in Florida, storms can come out of nowhere and batter your home with the elements, so we’re here to help you cover all of your bases and keep the storm damage restoration to a minimum. Join us at Florida Dry as we go through several fall homeowner tips to help you prevent storm damage this fall.

Gutters and Downspouts

When it comes to autumn weather, taking care of your gutters and downspouts is essential to preventing storm damage. When leaves start falling through November, the leaves can clog your rain gutters making it difficult for them to drain pooling water effectively. This can lead to severe issues including leaking. In severe cases, downspouts have been known to detach from your gutters taking sections of roofing with them. Be sure to get on your roof and remove leaves from your gutters to prevent storm damage.

Windows and Doors

If you had summer screens installed on your home, you want to be sure to secure the windows and doors with weather storm windows. Additionally, you want to be sure to inspect and repair all of your windows by reinforcing them with weatherstripping and caulk to prevent drafts and water from entering your home during a fall storm.

Plumbing and Preventing Storm Damage

As the temperature starts to drop during November and into December, you want to be sure that any exposed pipes in your home are protected from the cold. When exposed pipes freeze, it can cause them to burst and cause severe water damage in your home. To prevent this, you want to familiarize yourself with the water main shutoff on your home so that you can turn it off in the event of a pipe freezing over.

Landscape and Yard Work

One of the most common causes of storm damage during the fall is caused by falling debris from unkempt trees. In order to prevent storm damage from trees and branches being blown down from trees and landing on your home, you want to make sure that all of your landscaping is taken care of leading into the fall. Trim branches and trees, and remove any fallen branches from your property to prevent them from being carried into your property by storms.

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