Tricks to Beat the Summer Heat Without AC

Tricks to Beat the Summer Heat (Without AC)

The Summer can be hot without the AC but have no fear because we have some tricks up our sleeve that will make you beat the summer heat. If you’re ready to feel as cool as a cucumber, then check out Florida Dry’s great tips to beat the heat.

Freeze those sheets: For temporary relief, stick your sheets in the freezer about an hour before bed. This will not stay cool throughout the entire night, but it will cool you down before bed. Be sure to stick the sheets in a plastic bag or special area in the freezer away from the food to avoid the smells. The plastic bag will ensure that fresh cotton sheet smell we all know and love.

Less is more

We all have different sleep attire preferences, but if you’re trying to survive this summer heat without the AC, we recommend wearing a loose cotton shirt and some shorts. Cotton is your friend over the summer as the natural fiber will absorb all the moisture rather than it sitting on your skin.

Wear white

Try avoiding darker colors in the summer months. White and lighter colors do not absorb as much heat. The white reflects the heat keeping your body cooler throughout the day.

Water, Water, and More Water: This one might seem like a given, but it’s amazing how many people forget to drink water throughout the day. A great tip would be to keep a cooler in your car and refill throughout the day. Insulated water bottles are great to have on hand as they keep water cool all day long.

Ice Box DIY

Who doesn’t enjoy a good old fashioned DIY? This one is really simple and requires a fan, some ice, and a shallow pan or bowl. Place the pan or bowl that is full of ice in front of the fan and after a few minutes, you will start to feel the breeze pick up from the ice.


If a fan is easily accessible, this one works wonders. To create a cross-breeze, open one window and place the fan across the room. This will create a cooling cross-breeze that will provide an enjoyable night’s sleep.

Wet sheet

To cool off an entire room, place a wet sheet in front of an open window. The breeze that will blow through the sheet will dramatically decrease the temperature in the room.

Ice bath

Ok, this one might sound a little intense but listen up. Prepare a bucket of ice water and dunk your feet in to cool your whole body down. The pulse points in the feet and ankle help chill your blood vessels and lower your overall body temperature. This is good before bed and in the middle of the night.

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