DIY Project to Upcycle Your Old Furniture

DIY Project to Upcycle Your Old Furniture

Think again before taking that old piece of furniture out to the trash. With a little imagination and some DIY suggestions, you can turn something old into something new in no time at all. Check out Florida Dry’s cool do-it-yourself projects almost anyone can do from the comfort of their own home.

DIY Upcycling Projects

1. Turn that old wooden table into a perfect ottoman

It’s best to use a table lower to the ground as the ottomans main design is to be used as a footrest. First, start by painting the legs to match the fabric that will be used on the top. Once the legs have been painted, cut a piece of foam to fit the length and width of the table. A spray adhesive works best for the foam to glue directly on top of the table. Cut foam strips to glue along the sides of the table to prevent hurting your legs or any guests.

Before adding your preferred fabric, staple batting around the entire ottoman. This will add extra cushion to your ottoman. Finally, place your fabric on top and staple the fabric to the wood and voila – a perfect ottoman.

2. Drawers to side tables

It’s easy to go out and buy brand new side tables to match your bed, but what fun is that? Instead, use this simple DIY to turn those old drawers into really fun side tables. First, remove any drawers and attach a wooden shelf to the center. Next, add some little legs and a fresh coat of paint. In no time you have a beautifully refurbished piece of furniture that looks perfect in your home.

3. Filing Cabinet Makeover

If your office is in need of a little TLC, start with giving your filing cabinet a makeover. Start by removing all of the hardware and wash the scuff marks away. Then, find your favorite color paint and a good formula for your filing cabinet. Once the paint has dried, add a coat of polycrylic protective finish to the top to protect the cabinet and add shine.

Add four table legs (easy to find at your hardware store) and add them to the underside of the filing cabinet. If desired, spray paint the hardware and table legs with a different color for some dimension. Get creative with the color and finish of the cabinet.

4. More storage with dresser drawers

Remember those dresser drawers we removed earlier for the side tables? Yeah, keep those! For an under the bed storage space, attach some wheels to the bottom of the drawers and maybe a fun coat of paint. The wheels make it easy to slide in and out and the fun color will help you locate the drawers no matter where they are.

If you want to go all the way, add a fun handle to the front to make sliding under the bed easy to do. Feel free to add books, crafts, socks, or any other nick-knacks.

5. Transform a chair into a furry stool

To make those vanity dreams come true, remove the back of the chair and attach a few foam pieces to the top of the new stool. Spray paint the legs to really change up the look and feel of your new stool. Cover the foam with a faux fur of your choosing, but be sure to line it up to fit.

Flip the stool upside down and wrap the fur around under the stool to staple it to the base. This will ensure that the faux fur does not move around when sitting down. Play around with any extra fur pieces and attach them to the corners or bare areas.

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