How to Save on Your Electric Bill this Summer

How to Save on Your Electric Bill this Summer

During those hot summer months, the electric bill can be quite expensive. Let’s face it, there is no better feeling than coming home to a cool home after a day in the heat. It can seem almost impossible to lower the bill as the temperature rises but, did you know that there are easy ways to save on your electric bill?

7 Tips to Save on Your Energy Bill

Below are some helpful tips that can and will save you extra cash this summer. Who knows, maybe this will give you that boost to take that second summer vacation.

1. Change AC filter

A dirty air filter means your air conditioning will be working that much harder to cool down your space. Make sure to change the air filter in order for the AC unit to work economically. Check the model type for notes on how often to change the filter.

2. Use Windows

If you’re in a location that provides a breeze at night, lucky you! Open those windows to cool down the home at night that the sir conditioning would normally provide. A breeze from the window feels nice and will cost you nothing at all.

3. Turn the lights off

When you leave the house, go to sleep or remove yourself from a room, remember to turn the lights off. This one might seem like a simple task that everyone remembers to do, but you will be surprised to hear how many people neglect to shut their lights off. Takes half a second and saves a whole lot of money.

4. Unplug

Similar to switching the lights off, it is important to unplug any appliances that are not in use. All things plugged in will bleed energy creating a “standby electricity loss” as they say. Focus on items such as TV’s, chargers, wireless phones, cable, and game boxes to unplug. Something to consider would be installing a power strip to avoid unplugging five different items.

5. Air dry clothing

This is an easy one if space allows. Some laundry rooms provide enough space to air dry clothing, but if that’s not the case then consider investing in a drying rack from Amazon that you can stick outside. Shower rods also work wonders.

6. Fans

Instead of using your AC unit daily, turn on the fans to make the room feel a little cooler. This will keep the air circulating as well and ultimately lower the electric bill.

7. Close those curtains

To avoid having to use the air conditioning, close the curtains and blinds on the sunny sides of the home. To further your savings, invest in tinted window film.

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