Giving your Home a Routine Maintenance Checkup

Giving your Home a Routine Matience Checkup

While you are enjoying the beautiful summer weather, the last thing you are thinking about is performing rountine maintenance on your home. Giving your home a routine maintenance checkup can be an overwhelming task, looking for things in your home that are not working correctly can only mean one thing …extra expenses. Although it may not be the most desirable chore, it is important to take the time to complete routine maintenance for your home.

Florida Dry has come up with some places in your home where you should perform routine maintenance.

Taking Care of Your Investment

Your home is probably your biggest investment you’ve made, so properly maintaining your home is part of protecting your investment. The best way to perform a routine maintenance checkup is to schedule monthly inspections. Each month choose an area of your home you want to perform a maintenance check on. Completing monthly maintenance checks will keep you on an organized routine schedule.

Take A look at your Air Filters

We don’t think twice about using our A/C to cool us down during those hot summer months, but when did you last change the filters? With all the constant usage of your A/C, you want to make sure you are changing out the filters once every three months. Whether you see it or not, dust and particles are all around us, including the air we breathe. Filters help circulate clean air throughout your home trapping dust and particles from building up in the air ducts.

Check your Smoke Detectors

If you are only checking your smoke detectors when the battery is dying, you aren’tchecking them nearly enough and need to perform some routine maintence. Believe it or not, smoke detectors don’t last forever and though they give us warnings when the battery is dying, there is no warning when it breaks. Checking your smoke detectors is extremely important because if a fire occurs, you’ll want to have functioning smoke detectors. It’s recommended that you check all your homes smoke detectors at least once a month.

Look for Mold

When was the last time you checked for mold in your home? If it’s been a while, you’ll want to give your home a good mold check. Mold grows in moist areas around your home, bathroom and kitchens being a prime area. When mold builds up it can cause structural damage to your home, leaving you with a very expensive repair bill. The next time you are doing your routine cleaning you’ll want to take a look at the bathroom floors and tiles in your kitchen to see if you see any sign of mold growth.

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