What to Do After a Hurricane

What to Do After A Hurricane

You might know what to do before a hurricane and during, but after? What’s the protocol here and how can you be sure that you, your friends, and family are safe? There are many precautions to take after a hurricane has hit since danger still exists. This list of safety advice from Florida Dry will ensure that you and your loved ones return home safe and sound.

Before You Head Home

Double-check that the roads are open to your house. Some roads that lead to home might be closed due to flooding or obstructions. Sometimes, authorities offer other possible routes to take you home. Stay alert and ask around to check that the drive is safe. Moreover, be informed of the situation and do not assume that the roads are safe for you to return home.

Do NOT Drive Through Water

Hate to break it to you, but you are not Aquaman. He might be able to drive his car through water, but everyone else, not so much. The water may be hiding sinkholes or water that is deeper than it appears. The last thing you want to do after a hurricane is to be in a stalled vehicle or be put in another dangerous situation.

Remain Aware

After something as tumultuous as a hurricane it is natural to feel confused, sleepy, at a loss, or uncertain. However, it is so important to remain aware and informed. Listen to the local news radio for updates or watch the latest emergency broadcasts if possible. When walking or driving, listen for sirens and other signals.

The Smell of Gas

Supply lines may have shifted during the hurricane so if you smell gas, alert the gas company or any police/fire department immediately. To avoid any possible sparks, avoid lighting a match or turning on lights. Return home once the authorities have given you the all-clear.

Work Together

Things may have shifted during the hurricane. Because of this, it is unclear whether heavy objects or other items are secure. Watch each other’s backs when removing any debris and leave the heavier objects to the machines and professionals. After a hurricane, it is important to work together to rebuild what has been lost.

Spoiled Food

Water, dirt, and debris could have contaminated any of the food inside your home. Before you eat, be sure that everything is safe to consume. When in doubt, throw it out. Approach the food with a close eye.

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