What to Do After Winter Storm Damage

What to Do After Winter Storm Damage

Winter storms can wreak havoc on your home. In some parts of the country, winter storms bring blizzards, heavy precipitation, and very strong winds. These storms, while generally can be predicted shortly before they hit, the severity and accuracy vary drastically. What’s worse is that the damage that winter storms cause for homeowners can almost never be predicted. At Florida Dry, we’re no strangers to the weather damage that homes endure after storms, so we’re always ready to make the necessary repairs to your home. If you are unsure of what to do after winter storm damage, read on and follow these guidelines.

What Causes Water Damage?

One of the most severe causes of winter storm damage is the water damage incurred by snowfall, flooding, and burst pipes. Water damage can be a real nightmare for homeowners after a storm depending on if it was their basement, roof, or foundation.

How To Prevent Winter Storm Damage

While winter storm damage can be hard to predict and it may not always be immediately noticeable, fit you have never experienced a frozen pipe, leaky roof, or damaged foundation, you may not expect it at all. That being said, there are some steps that you can take to prepare your home. When you know that a storm or cold front is coming, you can cut water to pipes that are exposed to the cold, trim your trees to prevent debris falling on your home, and unclogging gutters and waterspouts to prevent water and snow from building up.

What To Do After The Damage

While we can’t prevent the damage from winter storms entirely, there are steps that you can take to recover from the storm damage quickly.

Make Sure Everyone Is Safe – First and foremost, make sure that everyone in your home is safe and sound. While winter home damage can be a stressful and difficult ordeal, there is nothing more important than the wellbeing of the people and animals in your home.

Find Shelter If Needed – If your home was damaged and it is unsafe to be there after a storm, either due to flooding or structural damage, you may need to find a safe shelter out of the cold.

Contact Your Insurance Agent – Once everyone is safe and accounted for, you should contact your insurance agent and report that damage and file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance. While not all damage is covered by insurance, there are many situations where homeowner’s insurance will help cover the cost of repairs. Insurance generally covers any damage that occurred as the result of the storm such as fallen trees, flooding, fires, and other damage from the elements. It’s important to note that some insurance may not cover damage that is the result of negligence such as a burst pipe. But it is important to check with your agent first.

Call Florida Dry to Make the Necessary Repairs

If you experience home damage after a winter storm, do not hesitate to call the home restoration experts at Florida Dry. With years of experience restoring homes after severe weather damage, we will be able to return your home to the best condition possible.

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