Preparing Your Home For Winter

Preparing your home for winter

Winter is here and with it, unpredictable weather and potentially freezing temperature! These winter months can bring unpredictable weather and freezing temperatures to even the warmest of places, so it’s important to prepare your home to withstand anything the weather throws at it. Better safe than sorry, right? Preparing your home for winter can save you a lot of time, stress, and money by preventing unexpected weather damage! At Florida Dry, we understand that sometimes weather damage is unavoidable, but with planning, you can prevent some of the most common wintertime home damage.

Do the outdoor maintenance while it’s still warm!

It is a good habit to have as a homeowner to perform routine maintenance outside of your home all year long. This is especially the case if during winter. You will want to do some outdoor maintenance to make sure that your property is not damaged by the elements later on.

Cover up the pool – While it may be too cold to swim you should do some last-minute pool cleaning. Vacuum your pool, change out the filters, and cover up the pool with a pool cover. This will keep rain and debris out of the pool while it is not in use.

Clean out the gutters – Fallen leaves and pine needles can clog your gutters which can prevent drainage from your roof. This may cause severe damage by creating ice dams and rotting wood on your home.

Inspect Insulated Doors and Windows

Lower temperatures mean that your home will inevitably feel colder as well. If your home’s weather seals and weatherstripping are worn or separated, you may notice significantly more drafts of air as well as a higher power bill.

Before the temperature drops, inspect your home’s doors and windows for any weather seals that need to be replaced.

Besides keeping your power bill lower, insulating your home will keep your home at a comfortable temperature which will limit the need for additional heating units or heated blankets which may be fire hazards.

Prepare Pipes for Winter

One of the most common and most damaging issues that homes experience is water damage. Water damage can be caused by pipes freezing and expanding. Pipes tend to freeze in areas of your home that are not heated and when water stops flowing. This can cause severe flooding in your home.

You can prepare your home for freezing temperatures by:

Turning off water valves
Preventing Clogged drains
Allow faucets to drip (moving water prevents freezing)
Keep cabinets open to keep warm air flowing around pipes

If you experience weather damage this winter…

Even the most prepared homeowners can still be caught off guard by unpredictable weather. In the event that your home experiences weather damage this holiday season, call the home restoration experts at Florida Dry.

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