Living Life After a Fire

Living Life After a Fire

Consult with professionals before entering the damaged building. It might come as a temptation to grab your valuables when the fire has been extinguished, but you need approval from experts first. Understand that if the place is severely damaged, you may not enter until safety measures are implemented.

Contact Someone Who Can Help

In the case of emergency, set up a point of contact that can help after the incident. This should be a family member that doesn’t live with you so that they can help in times of need.

After that, contact your insurance company, so they assist you with the documentation process. Also, they’ll be able to work on your insurance claims to help you with emergency lodging and living expense.

The “Fire Report”

You should know what happens during a fire report as this documents the state of the property before the fire. It also covers the time of the incident, where it was involved, and when it happened. You want to give them the specifics since this helps the investigation.

Securing the Property

Many insurance policies require you to secure your home after a fire. You want to do this because it prevents looting, but before going about this task, make sure that you have the okay to do so from emergency services.

Cleaning Up

You may have to clean up if your home was only damaged rather than destroyed. There’s more to damages than meets the eye, so spend a bit of time to assess the property before going through a clean-up process.

If you decide to do the clean-up process without professional help, make sure you understand the precautions. Soot and smoke damage might create a film on the walls and residue from the extinguishers might be present.

If possible, open windows and doors while you’re cleaning even if it is cold outside. You want a bit of fresh air circulating through the room during this process so that you’re not breathing dangerous chemicals.

Seek Counseling

This could be a traumatizing time for you and your family which is why we suggest seeking counsel. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may find it helpful to have someone who can guide you through the coping process.

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