5 Reasons Why Your Washing Machine Might be Leaking

5 Reasons Why Your Washing Machine Might be Leaking

Leaky washing machines are actually quite common and can result in several reasons why it’s doing so. Leaking washers pose as a dangerous hazard to your home causing potential fire hazards, slips and falls, and even mold. Once you’ve turned off the power and unplugged the machine from outlets, try going down this list of five possible reasons that you might want to troubleshoot.

1. Overloading

Overstuffing your washer with clothes or bulky bedding is the most common reason for a leaking washer. If you spot leaking, run the machine with no clothes and no detergent in it on the quickest wash cycle. If it doesn’t leak, it’s because the machine was simply overloaded. If it still does, keep on reading.

2. Water supply and drain hose

Keep in mind there are 3 hoses; one for hot water, one for cold water, and one for draining. It could be highly possible that these hoses could be the cause of the leak, so be on the lookout while you’re doing a load or a test run. If you notice the washer leaks during the spin or drain cycle, it could be because the drain hose isn’t securely tightened or just needs replacement. If you notice the washer leaks from the back and during the fillup, it is likely that the water supply hose needs attention.

3. Washers feet imbalance

Once your hoses are in check, try examining the balance of your washer’s feet. It should be level and stable. A washing machine is bound to move around during a cycle and it could be possible it can be leaning or bumping out of the direction. Because of this reason, this allows water and detergent to leak.

4. Water supply valves

Located on the back of the washing machine, check to see if your washer valves are secured. Your washer’s water supply valves are important because they run the water that comes into the machine. Be sure nothing is worn or loose, and be sure to replace them as soon as possible if needed.

5. Clogged drains and too much detergent

It is also possible for your drain hose to be clogged causing excess water to spill out. In addition, if you’re using the wrong amount of detergent or bleach, this can cause a surplus amount of bubbles and water to leak through.

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