Heartbreaking Ways Water Damage Can Ruin Valentines

Heartbreaking Ways Water Damage Can Ruin Valentines

This coming Valentine’s Day, you never know what’s going to happen. We’re not only talking about your date, but also your house. Something as unexpected as water damage doesn’t choose a day– when it happens, it happens. So it’s best to be extra cautious year-round.

Valentine’s Day and Water Damage

The most romantic season of the year is approaching once again. And people usually celebrate it in many different ways, just like staying at home for a fanciful dinner. If you are one of those people, you wouldn’t want water damage to get in your way on that special night, right? That’s why we made a list for you to watch out for this Valentine’s because we don’t want you to end up heartbroken on Cupid’s day. Here are some heartbreaking ways water damage can ruin Valentines.

1. Ceiling and wallpaper damage

Your ceiling and wallpaper can get damaged with hot and steamy showers. Although they are great especially in the cold season, they can lead to mold growth and ugly stains in the long run.

2. Basement flooding

A perfectly working sump pump is the key to avoiding an absolute plumbing nightmare. This Valentines, make sure to test it and keep up with its maintenance.

3. Frozen or burst piping

This serious plumbing emergency shouldn’t be happening on Valentine’s Day. So make sure to winterize your plumbing system or call a water damage company to help you unfreeze your pipes.

4. Overflowing toilet

An overflowing toilet is a sure way to turn off your date. You can avoid toilet clog by not flushing items such as paper towels and other personal hygiene products down the toilet.

The Bottom Line

The Valentine’s Day is not just a day to showcase people’s importance to us, but to also give extra care to our home! Don’t let water damage ruin the most romantic day of the year so take action before that happens.

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