Water Removal Clean Up, Sanitation, and Disinfection

Water Removal Clean Up, Sanitation, and Disinfection

So there’s been a flood in your Florida home or business—now what? Thankfully, if you live in Fort Myers, Cape coral, Bonita Springs, Naples, Estero, Lehigh acres, Port Charlotte and the area there are experts you can call, like those at Florida Dry, who can help you through the water removal process.

You may think that getting rid of the water is the only thing you need to do. If so, then you are definitely in need of a professional. Removing the water is only one part of a complex process. If something goes undone in this process, it could mean permanent damage to the structural integrity of the building. Whether you’ve had a flood in your home or office, the fact remains that water damage should be taken seriously, as it can have disastrous effects on your health, as well as the health of family, friends, or employees. Below, you can read more about this rather technical process.

Safety First

Before beginning with water removal, any professional who is tasked with the job must first ensure that the structure is safe to enter. That means checking the walls and foundation to see if there has been significant damage to the building. This check has to come first because it could put workers’ lives at risk. Once structural integrity is assessed, the next step is to turn off electricity to the building. If there is still sitting water inside, it is necessary to shut off power until it is clear whether wire or outlets have been impacted. Lastly, anyone involved in clean up should wear protection over the hands, mouth, nose, and eyes to prevent infection and disease. Taking these precautions helps ensure that your home or business does not suffer more damage. These steps also help prevent harm to those who are working on the clean-up crew.

Getting Rid of the Water

Expelling water from a building is no easy task. It can take days to fully pump out all the water from a building. That’s part of the reason why you don’t want to undertake this task alone. A professional can help you ensure that the process will be done right. Firstly, there is quite a bit of costly equipment that needs to be involved in removing water after a flood. For example, your clean up job may require a large pumping device to get standing water out of your home or business. This is where a professional would start. The most important thing on the outset is to get any standing water out of the way. That way workers can focus on cleaning up the mess left behind.

Determining What Has Been Affected

As clean up begins, it’s important to tally what has been affected by the flood. Because insurance companies will want evidence of the flood and the damage left behind, it’s best to take photographs of the inside and outside of the structure. In addition, you may want to photograph the electrical outlets, circuit breaker, and any exposed wires. Likewise, it’s a good idea to photograph walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and cabinets if they were within the damage area. When it comes to hiring a company to help with clean up, it’s in your best interest to go with a company that can work directly with your insurance provider to help you move through the process of filing and advancing your claim. Not every company can give you this additional assistance, but Florida Dry does. Make sure you are not being short changed by the clean-up company or your insurance provider.

Beginning Clean Up

After preliminary steps have been taken to ensure safety and assess loss, clean up can begin. First, any water-soaked materials, like mattresses or couches, must be removed from the building. During initial clean up, workers need to check all areas of the structure to make sure no animals have come in with the water. If the flood came from a rising lake, for example, that water could have brought in any number of creatures. Once the home or business is cleared of any potential danger, foundations, floors, ceilings, interior walls, exterior walls, doors, cabinets, air ducts, gas and electrical systems, and appliances all need to be checked. If it is clear that water has affected one or more of these areas, workers will begin to assess just how bad the damage is. That can mean ripping up carpets, busting into walls, or examining air way systems. Often, carpeting or insulation must be discarded because it’s not easy to salvage these items once they have been damaged by water. Every one of these areas could prove to be difficult to handle if you were to tackle them yourself. However, with the assistance of skilled workers, the arduous task will become much easier.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting the Affected Area

The final step in the water removal process can be the most daunting. Sanitizing and disinfecting the building can take longer than many of the previous steps. That’s because careful planning has to go into performing this portion of the process. A skilled clean-up crew can not only expedite the process, but also ensure that the right supplies are being used to sanitize and disinfect. First, the area must be dried out. This can be done using cross ventilation and industrial fans. Air circulation helps the area dry faster. It can also help prevent mold growth. Once the affected areas are dry enough, sanitation and disinfection begin. This is usually done with a non-toxic cleaner. It’s important to use something non-toxic because you don’t want to incur any adverse effects from the products. Bleach, for example, is not the best solvent to use because the fumes can be intoxicating. For this part of clean up, it’s extremely helpful to have a team. Each member can then work on different areas in need of sanitation and disinfection.

Saving Your Home or Business

There’s no doubt that recovering from water damage is important to you. If that is the case, then contacting a professional water restoration company might be the best way to ensure recovery. Don’t wait to make a call. Every minute counts when it comes to water damage. So if you are a resident of Fort Myers, Cape coral, Bonita Springs, Naples, Estero, Lehigh acres, Port Charlotte and the area and you are in need of a professional water restoration company Contact Us Now. Call us Now!

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