Simple Spring Tips to Prevent Water Damage

preventing water damage

Plan for the springtime defrost!

Prevent Water Damage

Now that spring is approaching and the winter snow will be melting away, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to prevent water damage from severely affecting your family and home. Not only will this save you from expensive repair costs and stress, but it will definitely put more years on your home. Don’t let Mother Nature get in the way of your springtime awakening!

1. Check for leaks and damages

Leaks are the number one issue when it comes to serious water damage. Check out your hose bibs, all outdoor pipes, and near doors and windows. Be sure to also inspect your foundation for any cracks; make sure your walls are well painted and sealed. Roofs are the commonplace for leaks as well, so hire a professional to check it out to assure your safety!

2. Clear debris

Keep your window wells, gutters and downspouts clear of debris (leaves, branches, trash, etc.) And make sure your downspouts are positioned away from the home!

3. Don’t forget your basement

It’s better to be safe than sorry by keeping your valuables (especially electronics) clear of the cellar. Consider if your home needs a water alarm or even a sump pump. It’s always best to keep a battery operated backup just in case.

4. Keep your documents safe

If water damage does occur, there’s still time to be prepared. Keeping copies of your home’s insurance policies along with your agent’s contact info comes in handy for quick, easy access. If your home does contain a lot of major expensive possessions and valuables, be sure to keep tabs of their receipts and serial numbers. Additionally,  pictures and videos are very nice and helpful to always have. Keep other major documents like financial records or personal certificates in a safe place like a waterproof container.

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