Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Why Use Chemicals?

Having a clean home is always nice, but if you’re like me, you might wonder if you really have to suffer the harsh chemical smells and the knowledge that these cleaners are toxic. I mean, you are applying these to surfaces where you prepare food and bathe, for instance! If you want to try something that has the same cleaning powers but without all the toxic chemicals, you have options! The secret and non-toxic ingredients for these alternative cleaners can be found around the house. Your two core ingredients for most of these recipes will be baking soda and white vinegar. Try these out or experiment for some wonderful homemade cleaning solutions!

Two Cleaning Solutions

We’ll start with a great all-purpose cleaner. You will want an empty spray bottle for this, and preferably one of those 360-degree bottles that can reliably spray in any direction (this by itself makes it a better option than what most manufacturers use to bottle). Ready? Alright, mix ½ c of vinegar with 10 drops of lavender, lemon, or tea tree scented oil. Add a little water and then mix 2 tbsp of baking soda and fill with water. Shake it gently until uniform and you’re good to go! This mix replaces any store-bought general purpose cleaner.

Looking for something a little stronger? Perhaps you’re looking to remove grease stains from the kitchen, for instance. Using any medium-size airtight container, combine 1/2 cup hypoallergenic liquid laundry detergent with 1 ½ cups baking soda Mix well into you have a uniform paste. Finally, add 10 drops of one of the essential oils mentioned above and mix again. Store in your airtight plastic container and if the mixture dries add just add some water and mix again.

And there you have it. Two excellent homemade cleaning solutions for your home. Enjoy your clean, toxic-free counters!

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