5 Hacks to Banish Odors from Your Home

5 Hacks to Banish Odors from Your Home

There is nothing worse than walking into your home after a long day and smelling a bad odor. Sometimes, it really does not matter how many times we wipe the counters, spray the bathrooms, and vacuum the carpets. Those pesky odors linger and can be such a pain. Not to mention the fact that cleaning supplies can be pretty expensive and don’t even come close to removing the odor as we intended.

5 Bullet Proof Ways to Banish Odors in the Home for Good

1. Sprinkle Baking Soda on your Mattress

Have you ever walked into your room and thought, “it looks clean, but where is that smell coming from?” You might want to think about deodorizing your mattress. All you need to do for a fresh mattress is to sift baking soda and let it sit. After about 30 minutes you will need to vacuum your mattress using the brush attachment to remove the baking soda and voila.

2. Essential Oils in your Toilet Roll

Get rid of that musty smell in the bathroom by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the inside of the toilet roll. The movement of the toilet roll will emit a great smell to the rest of your bathroom leaving it smelling fresh and clean. Add a few drops to the toilet bowl every now and then too.

3. Simmer Vinegar on Stove Top

Instead of covering odors with room sprays, try absorbing the bad odor by simmering one cup of vinegar on the stove or crockpot. Sounds gross, but there is nothing better than deodorizing a room with vinegar because it releases an odor-fighting power into the air. If you let it sit for a while it can vanish the smell from the entire home. Don’t get worried when you first smell the vinegar. It takes a little for the vinegar smell to eventually go away, but when it does you will have a fresh smelling house in no time.

4. Recipe for Furniture Spray

Vinegar seems to be making its way around the house these days and we are not mad about this inexpensive hack that most of us have in our cabinets. The same way vinegar takes the lingering odor out of the home is the same way it will take the odor out of the furniture. Mix one part vinegar to one part water and with a clean washcloth, you will gently spread the solution around the furniture. For any material that you’re hesitant to wipe down, put the same solution in a spray bottle. After a couple hours of air drying, your furniture will be smelling brand new.

5. Kitchen Sink

With only two ingredients, you will have your kitchen sink looking and smelling brand new. To get rid of that unwanted smell from your sink, pour one cup of baking soda into the drain followed by two cups of vinegar. After five minutes of letting everything bubble, pour boiling hot water down the drain. The vinegar might smell strong at first, but after you pour boiling the water down to flush everything, you will have an odor-free kitchen sink.

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