Environment Friendly Florida Dry

Environment Friendly Florida Dry

Each day throughout the world, there is more and more of a push towards environment friendly methods to accomplish tasks once completed by harmful and toxic synthetic chemicals. We at Florida Dry take pride in leading the way in our field in using 100% GREEN and environment friendly products.

In addition to being environment friendly, these products are exponentially safer for loved ones who may unfortunately end up victims of your damaged property. The synthetic chemicals that are used by others in the industry can be poisonous and sometimes toxic depending on the levels. Our products are guaranteed to be 100% safe for both humans and pets of all types.

Why Use 100% Green Products?

– Safe, healthy home
– Non-Toxic, avoid hazardous and possibly poisonous chemicals
– Environmentally sustainable and responsible

We understand our stressful the situation can be when a emergency strikes, we care and value our clients’ peace of mind and take steps to ensure complete serenity while your property is undergoing the restoration process by using the highest quality products available. Join us in keeping the Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Estero, Lehigh Acres, Sanibel, Port Charlotte and the rest of Southwest Florida a picturesque place for the generations to follow.

Only the Finest with Florida Dry

Florida Dry proudly uses cutting edge, field leading products in our water damage, flood damage, fire and smoke damage, mold remediation and odor removal restoration services. Florida Dry uses 100% GREEN Benefect products throughout the entire restoration and sanitation service provided to your property. Benefect uses an all botanical formula with no added synthetic chemicals, all products are authentic and safe for human interaction. The products used at Florida Dry are approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) for disinfection in highly sensitive areas such as hospitals, retirement communities and other locations where cleanliness is essential.

Benefits of Using Green Products

Green products are not only extremely effective in their designated use, they also provide many benefits. Similar products composed of non-green chemicals may have the same usefulness as green products, they can be hazardous to anyone exposed to the chemical. There are times when the chemicals used may be more hazardous than the issue that is being addressed. Breathing in these chemicals can have negative effects on the health of loved ones, and have even been known to cause cancer and other disease.

4 Advantages of Eco-Friendly Products
1) Healthier Home
2) Knowledge of Ingredients
3) Safer for Children and Pets
4) Reduce Pollution

The reasons are numerous why Florida Dry only uses green products in the restoration process, it ensures the highest level air quality and a healthier environment for you and your family in the future. There is also an extreme reduction in the harmfulness of products used, some non green chemicals can have severely damaging affects on people and animals, not only through direct contact but also inhalation. Not only is using green products healthier for your family, but also for the environment and ecosystems of Southwest Florida. Allow Florida Dry to assist you and your loved to ones live in a safer, healthier environment for the foreseeable future.

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