When to Change Your Air Filter

when to change air filter

Ensure great indoor air quality by paying attention to your home air filters!

The air filters in your home reflect a lot about the air quality being exposed to you and your family. We understand it may be hard to keep track or maybe forget to do this simple task, but it will definitely save you hundreds of dollars on a new HVAC system in the near future and bring you better respiratory health.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Changing your filters are very inexpensive and take less than 5 minutes to do. You simply slide your new filters in and you can call it a day. The challenging part though, it remembering when to change it.

When to change your filters all depends on the number of occupants in residing in the home, how many pets, sensitivity to allergies, and the level of air pollution/construction around your home as well.

Vacation homes/single occupants

When a home is vacant or fairly vacant, air filters can be changed every 6-12 months. It’s obvious that when there are fewer people in the home at any one given time, not much space is being used or emitting as much pollution inside or outside.

An average home without pets

If you live in a 1-3 bedroom suburban home without any furry ones running around in it, plan to change your air filters about every 90 days.

A dog or cat in the home

For every pet in your home, consider changing your air filters a lot more frequently. Every month is the ideal change of time of filters for pets in the home. Pet owners know the struggle of getting fur and hair all over their clothes. The same goes for your home! Change out your filters to prevent any clogging or allergens being released further in the home.

Multiple pets and allergy prone individuals

Consider changing your air filters every 20-45 days if you have multiple pets in your home and people with allergies. These people will thank you for knowing they can breathe better and not be congested all the time.

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